Special Tools and Machined Welded Constructions

AT-MECA S.A.R.L. is a French company founded in 2001 and specialized in the distribution of high quality industrial tools produced from specific drawings, in collaboration with our trusted European partners. The production program of high precision machined mechanically welded frames and other constructions is realised under clients drawing and mainly targeted towards special machinery building.

Broaching Tools

Our broaching tools are used in the production plants of demanding and world-renowned companies or their direct subcontractors.

Steel & Hard Metal Tools

Our tools are created for a variety of production processes such as forging, drawing, rolling, extrusion, pressing, grooving…etc. The tools are made per the client’s request and per his drawings, either for tools renewal in existing productions, or the launch of a new production. In the case of new production launch, we offer cooperation from tool conception to prototype creation

Machined Welded Constructions

The production program includes mechanically welded and high precision machined base frames for special machinery, assemblies and subassemblies, as well as other steel constructions per the client’s drawing.

The welding department is EN ISO 3834-2 certified. Welding technology is developed and supervised by IWE-certified engineers.

Contact Us

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