Broaching Tools

Our broaching tools are used in the production plants of demanding and world-renowned companies or their direct subcontractors.

The broaches are made with the best materials that we exclusively source from renowned European producers in the following grades: T15 / ASP2023 / ASP2030 / M2 / M35 / M42. We operate in very precise tolerances in dimensions: diameter up to 250mm and length up to 2200mm.

We offer competitive shipping terms, with usual delivery times from 8 to 12 weeks for non- coated broaches depending on the request’s complexity.

We achieve high viability and optimal lifetime for our tools by performing heat processing with Degussa salt baths treatment lines. We can also manufacture broaches with coating per the buyer’s request.

In addition to the control report provided with each delivered tool, we also provide a manufacturing report on the material from which it was made.

Per the buyer’s request for the control of round broaches with profile up to 2000mm in length, we can broach a test metal piece delivered with a CMM measurement report. For flat broaches, we can perform a profile check in graphite.

Per the buyer’s request, we can also provide a complete metallographic report from our own laboratory.

We also offer collaboration on prototype design and production launch, either as per the client’s design of the tool or our own.

ISO 9001 Certification: 2015

Measuring equipment for broaches:

  • Standard manual tools for measuring diameters, angles, various distances…
  • CMM – Zeiss DuraMax, 3D machine which measures all parameters
  • CMM – Mahr Surf Test – 2D (contour plots) machine for profile, face and back off angle measuring
  • Swiftpro – measuring microscope, Vision Engineering
  • Visual microscope, Vision Engineering
  • Laser – Trim, for marking and printing – Altimeters
  • Devices for length measuring

Measuring equipment on heat treatment:

  • Volpert – hardness tester, 2pcs.
  • Inovatest – equipment for hardness testing
  • Laboratory for metallographic testing equipped by Buehler and with microscope for material structure observation.
  • TH110 – portable hardness tester
  • Brinel-hardness tester for large pieces
  • Vikers-hardness tester for small pieces